A Letter from Mariana Manuela Cruz Lozano
Cuernavaca, Mexico

"The first thing that I want to do is give you cordial greetings and big thanks for all the help that you have given me these past years. It started when I entered the orphanage. I thank God that He put me in your path. As you know I was in the orphanage for 11 years. I studied from the 4th grade, until my first year in the University. That’s when I left the orphanage to reunite with my family and you have still helped me with my studies. For that reason I am thankful with all of my heart.

I want to tell you also about my daily activities. In the mornings I work cleaning houses and in the afternoons I go to school. You might be thinking why am I working if you were paying for my school? I think that a person needs to learn how to earn money and also, I need to help my mother.

I am studying to be a lawyer and have only one year left. I am very thankful for all your help. Without it I would not be where I am now.

I also want to say that we went with Jeremy and Bruce [and the team from Christ the Rock Church] to the outreach in Chalco. It was awesome. The experience was unforgettable. I want to tell you about my spiritual life. The church that I go to is close to where I live. Though I go almost every Sunday, I feel I need to seek more of God in my life. I want to have a stronger sense of His presence. I gain peace thinking it will come in time.

Again I thank God for all the blessings He has given me. I want to say God bless you and may God fill you with grace and happiness."

-- Mariana Manuela Cruz Lozano

Mariana came to the orphanage at age 10. Her father had abandoned the family. Her mother worked several hours from their dwelling. She often had to leave Mariana and her younger brother alone, often for days at a time. Their home was in an isolated area without electricity or phone service. The mother worried for the children’s safety. Though it was not an easy thing for her mother’s heart, she was grateful to be able to place Mariana in the home and know she was taken care of. Though Corazones del Padre, Cuernavaca, Mexico, transitioned back to local governance last year and no longer receives support from HFO, HFO continues to help four alumni of the home with their higher education. Mariana is one of them.

A Testimony from from James Owolo
Tororo, Uganda

"I would like to testify about the goodness of the Lord through Hearts of the Father. My name is James Awolo, foster child to Joy Otwani.

Both of my parents died when I was young, about four years old. I grew up in my grandfather’s home. While I was still in my grandfather’s home, I could not go to school simply because he could not afford fees in primary level. The only thing that I could do was to graze animals so most of my time I grazing animals in swampy places. Then my aunt and uncle picked me up and took me to their home and that is when I began my primary one through primary 6. When Hearts of the Father came in to give me more support, it enabled me to continue with my studies.

I want to thank God for bringing Hearts of the Father to Tororo because it has helped me and the whole nation at large through various ways. I thank God again that through Hearts of the Father I am now able to read, write and speak English. Hearts of the Father has always provided me with basic needs like clothing, food and bedding.

I want to thank Hearts of the Father for providing and paying my fees at the Kigoko High School where I was very happy when I picked up my grade results only to find that I passed all of the subjects. I especially try to do well in mathematics and science because I have hope that through Hearts of the Father I will go to school to become a registered nurse in the three years to come.

I love Hearts of the Father because they are so kind to the helpless and the orphans. May God continue blessing them so that they may help more.


-- James Owolo

The Story of Grace Antwi
from Ghana

We have a young woman whose name is Grace Antwi, and she was one of the first children to come into the JoshKrisDan Home of Refuge.

Her story is about “can my dream come true?” and when she was four years old her mother from Ghana died and at the age of six, her dad from Liberia, also died. Left to her grandmother, over time the care was not there for her and we were asked if she could come to our home. She was twelve years old at the time and became a beautiful role model for our younger children. Her heart was full of love and gratefulness.

As she reached close to the age of eighteen, we sensed her heart was sad and she began to share about her dream of becoming a doctor in Ghana. We sensed that she felt that she had no hope for her future. Little did she know that we had shared her story that year at a fundraiser and someone came to the rescue and said, “Yes, I’ll make her dream come true; I’ll pay her nursing school fees. She is now waiting to be accepted and we thank those responsible for making the difference in the life of this orphan.